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Driving Instructor Training Northern Ireland is run by David Craig an ex driving examiner. The web site will be of interest to those wishing to undergo ADI training in Northern Ireland. It will also be of use to anyone looking for general advice about the ADI qualifying process. If you are looking for help with the Extended Driving Test or L test preparation or lessons follow this link.

General advice 

Let's start with a word of Warning! "ADI training is unregulated". Becoming an ADI is not as simple as some people want you to believe, normally the people who want your money. I constantly help people who have spent and in many cases wasted thousands of pounds on poor quality training. Throughout the site I will give you honest advice about the whole qualifying process. This way you know what to look for and don't get taken in by the make lots of easy money adverts or sales pitch.

After working as a DVA Driving Examiner I received specialist instructor training from one of the UK’s most knowledgeable Instructor Trainers. Initially I worked exclusively with learner drivers before moving to now being a specialist ADI trainer. In order to teach ADI's I completed a training the trainer course with An ex Supervising Examiner who is not only ORDIT registered, but a member of the ORDIT committee in Scotland. My aim is to pass on my knowledge and experience to those wishing to become Approved Driving Instructors, giving you the best possible chance of passing the qualifying exams and succeeding as an ADI. 

All training will be structured and use recognised teaching principals. To help maintain standards as well as spending time with other trainers I am in regular contact with a number of instructor trainers across the UK. We exchange information on instructor training and developments in the driving world in general.

The site has been designed to help you discover what is required to pass the Approved Driving Instructor exams. If you have any suggestions or comments as to how the site helped you or how it could be improved to help others, please let me know. You can contact me by phone, use the e-mail link below or leave a comment in the guest-book on the referral’s & feedback page.

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