ADI Part 2, The Test of Driving Ability

Once you pass part 1 you will be given details of how to apply for part 2. The parts 2 & 3 tests can only be taken in Belfast or Londonderry. All training for Parts 2 & 3 should therefor be based on which of the test centres you will be using for your test. The car used must meet the requirements set out in the booklet ADI 1. Please note the car must be fitted with a manual gearbox. The following description should give you an indication of what is required.
"This is not just a slightly more difficult "L" test. The test is of an advanced nature and a very high standard of competence is required".
About the Test
The first part of the test is an eye sight test. It would be a good idea to make sure you can meet the requirements of this test before you commence and pay for any ADI training. You are required to read a car number plate with letters and figures 97.4mm high at a distance of no less than 27.5m, with the use of glasses or contact lenses if worn. If you fail to do this you will not be allowed to take the driving part of the test. The test will last about an hour you will be required to drive on roads with varying speed limits and traffic volumes. This will include fast duel carriageway and or motorways. You will be expected to show that you can put into practice the principals of good driving and road safety. The examiner must be satisfied you have consistently demonstrated:
  • Expert handling of the controls.
  • Use of correct road procedures.
  • Anticipated the action of other road users and taken appropriate action.
  • Sound judgement of distance, speed and timing.
  • Consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users.
You would also be required to perform any or all of the following manoeuvres:
  • Move away straight ahead or at an angle.
  • Overtake, meet and cross the path of other vehicles taking an appropriate course and without undue hesitancy.
  • Turn left and right hand corners correctly without undue hesitancy.
  • Stop the vehicle as in an emergency
  • Carry out a left and right reverse.
  • Turn in the road exercise
  • Reverse parking exercise on the road
Just as with an "L" test one serious fault or dangerous fault will result in failure. Compared to the "L" test the part 2 is longer with more manoeuvres and a higher overall standard of driving is required. In terms of driving faults you are allowed less than half the amount that would be acceptable on an "L" test.
I am an experienced driver
Any form of driving test or assessment is not about weather you can drive a car from A to B. Its about how you drive the car. We would all like to think we are good drivers however most experienced drivers would not pass an "L" test let alone a part 2. Since becoming an instructor I have helped a number of experienced drivers who had to take an "L" test. All had the sense to realise they may have developed bad habits but were still surprised at just how many. The part 2 is as said of a higher standard than the "L" test, so hopefully the above will indicate the amount of work you may have to put in.
Part 2 Training
The standard part 2 course consists of twelve hours one to one training. It is held over a full day followed by a further half day. It will also include final preparation training on the day of the test and the use of the car for the test. The full day will include an initial assessment drive conducted exactly as the Part2 will be. We will repeat the initial drive with me talking you through the drive highlighting any areas requiring further work. The rest of the day will be spent carrying out set modules that concentrate on key areas of driving. While doing this we will work on any areas identified during the assessment as requiring attention. After you have had time to work on things identified or taught on day one, the further half-day will be spent polishing your skills. As said this is a standard course it has to be flexible, as it may have to be changed based on the initial assessment. Some people may require additional training. If you have done any form of advanced or recent driver training a shorter part 2 course can be arranged. On the day of the test we will have a final preparation session, this and the first day and a half will ensure you are well prepared for your ADI Part 2 Test.
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